Topic 4: Reflection

My blog post this week discussed the use of social media by businesses and the corresponding ethnical complications. It is particularly difficult for businesses to protect their image and reputation online, as increasingly large numbers of their employees have various social media profiles. With this, employees are able to voice their negative opinions regarding the business to their numerous contacts. However, as Olivia points out, these employees are the public face of the company, they are expected to act responsibly and refrain from posting any negative comments regarding the business. However, of course this is not always the case.

In relation to this, Jens discusses the irony of social media, in that it can be used to become employed and unemployed. The reference to a Panopticon type situation, whereby employees modify their behaviour in order to remain professional is particularly interesting. Yet, despite this, there is still a need for social media rules and regulations in order to ensure businesses are protected and employees retain their freedom of speech.

I really enjoyed reading Irinie’s blog post this week as it discussed social media as a distraction during business hours. She found that 40% of businesses have to discipline employees for using social media in the workplace. Social media is becoming increasingly present in our everyday lives, with individuals constantly posting comments, updating their status and adding photos. However, in line with this, the numbers of associated ethical concerns have also increased.

Sarah’s comment brings into question whether social media is becoming too influential in our daily lives. Though social media has improved our daily lives and allowed businesses to advertise and market to a wider audience, ethics remain a concern. Businesses attempt to manage the increased role social media plays in their company and the lives of their employees however; it is somewhat challenging without limiting an individuals freedom of speech.

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  1. Irinie’s Blog
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